Because it’s cool to do what you like

We have freedom of choice. We can be whatever we want and wear whatever we like. I don’t believe in unisex clothing, I believe in unisex design and I make sure the design looks good on your body. I think the clothing should be neat, well fitted and comfortable. The key is to choose good quality fabrics and let my knowledge to do the rest.

As a 10 y.o. I was blown away by the 5th element and it’s still my favorite movie. No surprise, ZOLNAR falls under futuristic, Sci-Fi, cyberpunk style. Demolition man, terminator, total recall – that’s where it all comes from.

If you meet someone wearing the same design as you do, you should befriend that person as chances of such event are slim. There’s not more than 100 pieces of each design produced for 7.7 billion population.

The world is big enough for the diversity of human personalities. I dress the fierce and the strong.